Tuesday, July 7, 2009


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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Male dominance in movies

I have been watching quite a few tamil movies lately. I have always had a fascination of watching movies with subtitles(International movies telecast on Doordarshan were never missed) since childhood. We have this channel called Vasantham Central where they show old and new tamil movies every weekend. So I've so far watched different movies ranging from the times of Shivaji Ganeshan to Rajanikanth to Surya.

One thing that I have noticed being repeated in many of these movies is the Hero slapping the Heroine. Its in almost each and every one of Rajanikanth movie. And also in some of the recently released movies. They make it look as if slapping a female is OKAY. The ridiculous part in the movie I watched today was, the actress confesses her love to the actor. And the actor for no reason in particular slaps the actress. And then starts a song, where both of them remember the slap over and over again and behave as if it was a romantic kiss instead of a forceful slap. I seriously did not get this part. Is slapping some kind of a foreplay? Am I living in a different dimension or did the Director have some weird ideas about romance?
My hubby says that in tamil movies they like to show male dominance and hence the slapping. Beats me! Isn't that cowardice?

There are SO MANY Rajanikanth followers and devotees (calling them fans would be belittling them), I wonder how many people have been influenced by such scenes.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Today, I Live.

"It happens to everyone. At least once in our life-time, a person has to go through this. Feel this pain." This was said to me by a dear friend cum colleague, as we sipped on coffee in the coffee area of our work place. I still remember how she had held my hand, as I had poured my heart out about how unfair God is and why did it have to happen to my family. The words spoken by different people during that time are so vivid in my memory.

My mom was sick and I couldn't deal with it. I felt lost. My heart ached like it had never before. But that line stuck in my mind- It happens to Everyone.
What I realized then was that a person can never understand what it feels like unless she has gone through it herself. My best friend's dad had passed away a couple of years before that and I had never understood. My other friend's dad had a heart attack and I never understood. I never could understand their pain, or rather the extent of their pain.

I grieved over my mom's illness over a long time. My grief affected my own health. I remember my brother's words who was a bit concerned about me at the time, he said "Don't love somebody so much that you cannot live without them." I was touched by his concern. But thats how much I love my family, each and every one of them. And I know that he does too.

What kicked me back to reality was my mom's strength. She didn't shed a single tear, not a single drop till date. She thought that I was her support, but to speak the truth, she was ours. Our spinal cord, who held us together. Who taught me the most valuable lesson of my life - "Live in the moment".

Today, I am Alive. So Today, I Live. Live like there's no tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

India - Without the British?

Yes, its one nation, many states, somewhat different cultures. India, that was given to us by the British. What was it before? Just provinces and regions ruled by Moghul and Hindu rulers, kings, emporers.
So if we weren't ruled by the British then what would we be today? 1 nation? Would these kings have given up their land? In that case would we have been multiple nations? A large area of the Indian soil was ruled by the moghuls. The majority of the mass were Hindus but many rulers were muslims. So at least 1 nation would have been a muslim nation, like Pakistan? What about the rest? or maybe it would be one big muslim nation with an equal number of hindus and muslims, living cordially? With the British not in the picture, there wouldn't have been anyone to ignite this spark of hatred amongst us.
Not sure if Tamilnadu or Kerela was ruled by moghuls (need to read up on history)?
With our wealth not looted by the British, we would have been a rich country for sure.

What do you think?

Monday, December 8, 2008

Is the Pen mightier than the Sword?

Read a few articles by a renowned Pakistani journalist Irfan Husain : http://www.dawn.com/weekly/mazdak/20080312.htm

I like to read articles which are written with a neutral view in mind. Articles that speak for the common man and are by the common man, irrespective of country or religion.
These terrorists are not a threat to one specific country but are enemies of the world. I hope the rest of the world realizes this soon. The only solution is a unified attack by all the countries to eliminate these handful of terrorists. These terrorists, who have gained undue importance and power due to the support of some wealthy islamic extremists from the Arab nations, HAVE to be brought down.

I pray for World Peace.

My Best Friend J

J and I have been friends for about 23 years now. WOW, its really been that long, it makes me feel so old :) Anyways, this is the story of me and J.
I still remember that day in 3rd grade. It was midterm and schools had reopened long back. I saw a new face in our class, dressed in a different uniform. And a man with a big moustache and wide smile on his face, wearing an expensive safari suit was standing right by her side. Then that man asked all the students to be seated and we did. He introduced his little daughter J, told us that she is a warm and friendly girl and as she is new to our school, we should help her out. I had never seen any parents make a speech like that before in our class. I looked at the new girl J, she had greenish brown eyes and her hair was tied in two tight plaits. There was something about her. I had this overwhelming urge to be friends with her. I had always been a last bencher being the tallest in our class at the time - yes, guys included. I saw Miss. Smarty Pants, who sat in the 1st row, offer her a seat next to her. She was overly friendly to J and even heard her saying "From today, you and me are best friends. I will help you with everything", and J quietly nodded in reply. That hurt, but I wasn't ready to accept defeat so soon. I found a chance to talk to J the very next day. I asked her where she stayed and she said "X Area, Road No.3". And I was elated as she stayed so very close to my place and in my excitement, got it confused with Road No.2. Not only that, I also forgot to ask her which building, block, house # it was. My house was at the intersection of all these roads. So that evening, I set out to find her. I walked the entire Road No.2 up and down calling out her name. I think I had watched too many hindi movies to think that she would come out of some window. Anyways, she didn't. The next day I told her what I had done and she rolled with laughter. Then she gave me the right address and from then on we became good friends. We played together every evening, walked to school singing songs on the way, spent days and nights at each other's place. In short, we were together ALL the time. We crossed a few other hurdles too. There was this girl in her building, who was very close to J before we met. She felt very jealous about our friendship and tried to shoo me away in different ways. But J and I stuck together.
During the school vacations, J told me about her plans of visiting USA with her family for a few days. I missed her terribly when she was gone. Then, one fine day, I got a call from her. She said "I'm BACK P. Lets meet." I was out of the door before she said Bye. I half ran and half hopped towards her house and in the distance I could see her running towards me. As we got closer, we opened our arms wide. We hugged so tight as if we were meeting each other after ages. Then we walked together, an arm over the other's shoulder, exchanging stories about the time that we were away. This time away had made us realize how close we had gotten and how much we loved the other. So one day, we built a tiny hill made of sand, gathered some leaves, twigs and what not over it. Then we joined hands and made an oath- "We will be Best Friends Forever".
Even after all these years, we still remember this oath and I'm proud to say this that we are always there for the other.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dimaag ka Dahi - Life Pre-written??

Several years back, my uncle passed a statement very casually during one of our family parties. He said "There are no coincidences in life. Everything is already written somewhere". My dad and uncles discussed on that topic for a while and then moved on to other things. But that statement stuck with me. I started thinking and re-thinking about it. I discussed it with friends/family on different occassions just to get their point of view. I would ask them "Do you believe that our life has already been written by God?" Most of the people completely rejected the theory, "No way!" they said. One of my American roommates asked, "So are you trying to say that this conversation that I'm having with you right now is also written?" I said "Maybe, I'm not sure." She said, "If we think like that then life would be so boring". Well, in a way it would be but then we don't really know whats written, do we? So how could it be boring?
Today, I had a long discussion with my hubby over this. He too like most people rejected it. At first he asked me, "It was my decision to do post-grad. What if I had decided not to do it?". That made me wonder if God had written our life in the form of 'If and Then' statements. So if B does this, then his life would be like this, else if he does that, then his life would be like that...??
I think in astrology its said that the left hand is the one you are born with and the right hand is the one you make and its the reverse for guys. So the lines on the right hand change according to the decision you make in life? So is there a pre-decided path that God would like us to take but then we have the power to change things i.e. follow the 'else if' statements??
Hubby asked, "To which extent do you think its all pre-written? Are our thoughts and conversations also pre-written? Are all the inventions also already pre-decided? Did God write the story of Star Wars ??" No Idea!
Well, but there are some good astrologers who can predict our futures. What about them? How can they predict my future if it hasn't been decided already?
But then it struck me that the predicted futures only give an outline of how our life might be. Like the important milestones in our life. Panditji (astrologer) might say "You will get married at this age, have a son at this age, another one at this age. You will go abroad..etc etc." So its possible that only the outline of our life is written and not each and every detail. But then God has written each and every detail about each and every organ of our body, how it functions, the beating heart and so on. So to what extent have things been pre-written? Only God knows! (literally).
So finally, hubby and I concluded that before I do any more 'dimaag ka dahi' ( its a purely Bambaiyya term), we should Stop. SO here I am trying to make a dimaag ka dahi of the readers :)

p.s. Do tell me what your views are on this topic.